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Making Your Man Look Good for You: Decisions You Need to Make for Him

Men are generally not as fashion savvy as women, but all women want their men to look good for them. More often than not, men don’t care much about their wardrobe—which can be an issue if their girlfriend or wife is interested in fashion.

So if you are one such wife or girlfriend, unleash your fashion prowess and help the man of your life find the style that suits him best.

Here are some few tips than can get the ball rolling and will surely make your man irresistible:

1. Buy a few pieces of clothing for him yourself. Take the initiative and purchase new items that you think your man would look great in. Men would usually wear what’s already in their closet, and that would be the end of their decision-making process.

So if you think an army jacket would look good on him, buy that army jacket yourself, and in effect, give him a versatile and timeless look. To add spice to his office wear, get him uniquely designed silk ties.

The key is doing it a little at a time. Don’t buy him clothes so often, you come off as being pushy. Be careful not to insult his current wardrobe. Just keep it subtle.

2. Get him a subscription to a men’s health magazine or two. The goal is to sow seeds of discontent.

Have you seen how the men in men’s health magazines look? It would be very hard for your man to read such magazines and remain completely satisfied with how he currently looks. And when he starts doing a health makeover, it will be easier to lead him towards a fashion makeover as well. Incidentally, he could get a few fashion tips from those magazines too.

3. Revamp his work gear. Men usually choose comfort over style when it comes to what they would wear to work. So hide their sneakers and jeans during work days. Instill in your man that power dressing will help him gain that good impression he so wants from his boss and colleagues, and can be the ticket for him to get the promotion he’s vying for.

Help him decide which accessories match which suits. For his shoes, he can’t go wrong with chic-yet-comfortable Italian loafers. Even his belt can make or break his ensemble.

4. Invest in ties. Ties make your man look ultra hot, and they should definitely be worn more often, whether for work or for fun.

You can help your man ace the art of stylish dressing by investing in a silk tie. So don’t hesitate to splurge on your man’s ties and let him experiment on unconventional colors and prints. Go for bold patterns, wild designs, and variety of fabrics. You can never go wrong with a silk necktie.

5. Choose the perfect scent for your man. Who else knows better than you which scent smells best on your man? He probably won’t be able to tell, because his nose would quickly be desensitized to his cologne before it mixes with his natural skin oils and the true fragrance comes out. So this is definitely one decision you need to help him with.

It’s true, men can be stubborn mules when it comes to taking fashion advice. But with a bit of gentle and tactful persuasion plus subtle strategy, you can turn that mule into the knight in shining armor that you have dreamt him to be.

Just keep an eye out for the ladies who would soon be checking out him.