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Exploring Your Serious Side: Fashion Choices That make a Difference

Do you want to ace that job interview? Do you want to finally get the promotion you’ve been waiting for, for years? Do you want girls to take you seriously?

Power dressing is the answer. Show people that you are different by the way you dress and how you carry yourself.  Try discovering your serious side in terms of fashion and make the impression that you are the man.

Here are the basic pieces that you need to create that serious power look:

1.  Black leather shoes. This is definitely needed by any power dresser. Opt for slim black leather shoes with high-shine toe caps. Make the design simple but luxurious. It is best to be pair these shoes with socks in bold colors such as dark blue or deep purple. Also, make sure to match your socks with your tie and pocket square. Needless to say, avoid scuff marks by polishing your shoes.

2.  Power suit. This is something you have to save up for and willingly splurge on because it’s not your ordinary tailored fit suit. For a lean and sophisticated look, opt for an Italian tailored suit. Tapered lapels, elevated armholes, two-buttoned blazer, and slim-fitting flat-front trousers will provide a flattering look. This kind of power suit will absolutely invite respect from others and make you feel and look like a thousand bucks.

3.  French cuff dress shirt. Though concealed underneath your power suit, a French cuff dress shirt will definitely exude an elegant style when it shows. It will add a dramatic and refined finish to a chic ensemble. To create a more polished look, don’t forget to match it with a sterling silver cufflinks.

4.  Tie. Ties will always be mainstay accessories in power dressing. Skip the neutral colors and go for daring ones, such as a solid purple necktie or even a gold one. If you want to add more color but still look dignified, then go for a purple tie in geometric or striped designs.  If you want an edgy, paisley purple ties will do the trick.

5.  Briefcase. Don’t let a backpack ruin your incredible look. If you are wearing a suit or dress clothes, it is appropriate to use a briefcase to carry your stuff. Briefcases speak of authority, and they command respect from the people who see you.

What’s more, it is utilitarian. It is actually the ideal work bag because it can accommodate all your important things, even your space-consuming laptop. Purchase one with removable shoulder straps for convenience. Ditch the worn out messenger bag and kiddies’ backpack to achieve a sharp look.

6.  Double-breasted blazer. This fashionable piece had been in during the ’80s, but now it has been revived with a less-square shape for a more flattering look. A double-breasted blazer is very versatile: It can be worn in smart-casual dress codes both day and night. It has a respectable appeal when matched with a trousers and a white dress shirt for daywear. And for nights out during weekends, wear it with a pair of fitting jeans.

7. Vest. A casually tailored vest is perfect for after work nights out or dates. Choose textured wool, which clings beautifully to the body to create a defined physique. This is best for days when you don’t want to go all out with your power dressing but still want to convey an air of power and influence.

You can make a difference in how people perceive you, without sacrificing your personal style. By just adding these power pieces to your wardrobe, you can project that professional and respectable look by that will never go unnoticed by the ladies, your colleagues, and your boss.