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Tuxedo ans Style

Tuxedo and Style
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To buy or rent a tuxedo?


Written by Mark
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 15:38


If you and the bride are planning on a formal wedding, there’s really only one choice for your attire – a tuxedo. Once that’s been settled, there’s one more question to be answered: Should you buy or rent your tuxedo? The debate can be settled by answering a few questions. 

1.    Will you wear a tux again? If your business hosts fancy events, or you expect to attend black tie events a couple times a year, it’s much more cost-effective to simply buy a tuxedo versus renting one each time. Tuxedo rentals cost anywhere from $50-$200, with the average coming in around $120 each. That adds up fast when you’re attending two or three black-tie events per year.

2.    Do you want the groomsmen to match perfectly? It’s one thing to invest in a tuxedo yourself, it’s quite another to expect your pals to purchase their own. Tuxedos do differ slightly, so if you want to be a perfect match to the rest of the groomsmen, all of you should head to the rental shop and try on tuxes together.

3.    Do you have any skin sensitivities? We’re not suggesting that there are diseases in rented tuxedos – after all, a good tuxedo shop dry cleans each tux once it’s returned! But if you have serious skin sensitivities, you might react to the shop’s dry-cleaning solution, among other things. Trust us, your wedding day is not the time you want to break out into hives unexpectedly. IF you know you have to clean your clothing in special detergent, buy your own tuxedo.

4.    How much time do you have to shop? Tuxedos can be awfully expensive, but you might be able to find a deal if you’re patient. Tuxedos can cost upward of $400 at its regular price, but it’s not unheard of to find a sale for $180 or less.  Keep your eyes peeled and sign up to e-mail notifications to area formal-wear shops. You might just get lucky.

Additionally, if you’re getting married during a time where tuxedos are in demand, such as prom season or around Christmas time, you need to reserve a rental early. If the wedding is two weeks away, and you haven’t gone in to get a tux rental yet, you might be out of luck. At that point, you’ll have no choice but to buy your own.

A few more words on buying versus renting:
•    If you choose to buy: Go for a classic tuxedo. A stylish guy might be tempted to pick out a trendy tux, but it will be out of style within a couple years. If you’re investing in a tux, you want something that will look good for years to come.
•    If you choose to rent: Make sure you have a game plan for returning the tuxes the day after the wedding. Many rental shops charge per day of rental, so if you wait until Monday to return the tuxes after a Saturday wedding, you’re paying good money for nothing. If you and your new wife are heading straight to the airport the morning after the wedding, put your best man or father in charge of returning your tux.