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What’s the Latest in Wedding Fashion?

What’s the Latest in Wedding Fashion?

The New Millennium

has paved way for much more daring and outlandish wedding fashion trends, especially for men. Gone are the plain white ties and plain gold wedding bands. From strange boutonnieres to wooden wedding rings, grooms today have a myriad of new fashionable selections guaranteed to make an impression on their bride. Here’s a selection of items you can use to make your wedding day truly fashionable:

1. Wooden wedding bands. This may be a shocker for some, but don’t underestimate the classic charm of wood. They are very unique and masculine, not to mention sturdy and eco-friendly. So replace the usual gold and diamonds, which could cost a thousand bucks. Be practical and spend your wedding budget wisely. You won’t regret wooden wedding bands, a symbol of your warm, living, growing love.

2. Slim suits. Slim-fit suits have always been part of contemporary weddings. Grooms who want a modern feel will never go wrong with such a strong ensemble. The best choices would be suits made of lightweight wool.

3. Skinny ties. There are tons of skinny ties to choose from. You can go for a vivaciously colored tie or go for a classic white necktie. Different patterns of skinny ties are available—stripes, plaid, or paisley—depending on your taste. All of these can be incorporated into a variety of wedding themes, whether hippie, vintage, or preppy.

slim skinny thin ties 227 246x300 What’s the Latest in Wedding Fashion?
Light Blue & Dark Blue Skinny Tie


4. Tie bar, the new groom’s accessory. Tie bars put you a notch above others in your attire. Choose from reserved and unique tie bars that would give your whole ensemble an added personality. Or you can go for a vintage gold tone, a silver ship’s wheel design, or a simple stripe sterling silver. If you want a nostalgic feel, then borrow your grandfather’s tie bar. This is the best time to wear it, now that vintage is in.

5. Whimsical boutonnieres. One groom decided to wear a baby carrot as a boutonniere, in tribute to his bride, who works a chef. Another groom had the cute idea of using a paper pinwheel as a boutonniere—fun, playful, and most importantly, inexpensive.

If you’re planning to be as whimsical as the above mentioned grooms, you can think up your own ideas—maybe mushrooms or celery? There are no rules. Just let your wild imagination fire up.

6. The return of the bow tie. If you want to skip wearing white ties with your white tuxedo, why don’t you try an over-sized and rat-pack-style bow tie? Depending on your taste, you can choose a splashy color or stick to the neutral ones. Contemporary bow ties provide a very formal look without being too stuffy.

red bow tie pre tied 8823 246x300 What’s the Latest in Wedding Fashion?
Red Bow Tie for Wedding


7. Casual is the new formal. Believe it or not, this principle also applies to weddings. Though it might be un-traditional for many, grooms can now dare to wear well-cut khaki suits paired with a fedora and a vibrant tie and still turn out to be wedding-appropriate.

8. Eye-catching cufflinks. Cufflinks can be fabulous with stones such as crystallized Swarovski. You can choose from different vibrant colors and witty motifs. Stone-studded cufflinks definitely make a statement.

cufflinks silver redwood 49 246x300 What’s the Latest in Wedding Fashion?
Red Wood & Silver Cufflinks


9. Sleek watches. To complete your look, sleek black watches that are very affordable and very elegant are available in the stores. And even if you end up shelling out more than you bargained for, don’t worry—these watches can be used not only on your wedding day but can also match your everyday wear.

Dare to try one of these latest wedding fashions in your own event. It’s your wedding anyway, so you have the freedom to spice up your attire and give it that X factor. Beyond doubt, your bride will appreciate your effort for trying to make this special day even more special and memorable for everyone.

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